On-site Generation (or Distributed Generation) is developed with environmental forethought, fuel efficiency and consumer perspective in mind to provide a more flexible alternative to large centralized power plants and ageing utility grids

PowerHouse works with fuel cells, micro-turbines and ultra-clean engines that conserve resources by generating energy more efficiently than the traditional supply from a utility and with minimal to zero emissions.

PowerHouse utilizes traditional and renewable fuels to generate energy while reducing emissions that would otherwise contribute to global climate change. We also have an open-technology approach, utilizing a complete portfolio of equipment to tailor the right solution for each client.

These concepts, commonly known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Combined Cooling and Power (CCP), are what make on-site energy so efficient and cost effective.

By having the energy system installed on-site, users are able to take advantage of co-generation; capturing the excess heat of combustion from the engine to yield thermal energy in the form of hot water for heating, or through absorption chillers, cold water for cooling.

PowerHouse’s on-site energy systems potentially qualify for generous government economic incentives and tax rebates designed to encourage and reward users that take responsibility for how their energy is generated.