Powerhouse were recently featured in the February 2019 edition of Shares Magazine:

PowerHouse Energy (PHE:AIM) has a strong belief in the nascent hydrogen economy and is exploiting this opportunity through its proprietary technology which converts waste, that today is typically incinerated or sent to landfill, into a clean energy rich gas. Whilst every effort is made to recycle this waste, many plastic containers such as plant pots are not recycled, indeed, even bottles prove difficult to recycle due to the way they are manufactured. As a result, much of our plastic is either uneconomic to recycle or ‘contaminated’ such that the majority of plastic is enveloped in a further layer of plastic. This waste, and of course single use plastics are either being incinerated, landfilled here in UK or shipped in the 500,000 tonnes of waste plastic moved overseas where much of this volume is also feared to be landfilled. With global plastic production increasing and environmental regulations tightening, there is no shortage of need for an economic solution.

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