PowerHouse has developed a network of distributors on both coasts of the US and overseas. The Company is continuing development of global distribution using regional distributors and joint venture partners to expand its markets

PowerHouse partner roles and responsibilities are described below. Please note that in some instances partners may function both in a distributor and JV capacity.

As a strategic partner of PowerHouse Energy Group plc, PowerHouse Energy Americas (“PHEA”) is a leading provider of on-site energy systems in North America. PHEA uses both traditional and renewable forms of fuel to generate electric and thermal energy that are economical and environmentally responsible.

PowerHouse Energy Group plc (PHEG) and PHEA have established licensing and manufacturing agreements for a state-of-the-art thermal reformer (“Zero Emission Gasification System”), to more synergistically exploit PHEG and PHEA’s core competency in the emerging field of Waste-to-Energy (WTE).

PHEA works in concert with PHEG to develop common project development goals, marketing strategies and next-generation gasification systems. As PHEG concentrates on Europe and Australian WTE Markets, PHEA will focus on North America and American Territories. PHEA’s focus is to commercialize, develop and refine the Zero Emission Gasifier (PHZEG); and expand PHEA access to renewable feedstocks (fuel sources) for distributed power generation.

The PHZEG will also convert syngas into transportation fuels such as syndiesel, JP8, and Jet A for future transportation systems utilizing PHEA licensing of a next generation Syndiesel Technology. The logic of pairing the Zero Emission Gasification System, that generates syngas from multiple waste streams or biomass, to provide renewable fuel for the Company’s on-site energy generation systems uniquely positions PHEA to provide an integrated portfolio of industry leading technologies.

It also enables the Company to sell clean energy while simultaneously addressing the economic and environmental challenges of waste management and energy generation. The PHZEG Zero Emission Gasifier provides a significant competitive advantage in that it is truly zero emissions and is the only gasifier that meets the current State of California regulation for gasifiers.

For additional information about PowerHouse Energy Americas, please contact us.

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