PowerHouse Energy Group plc (PHE) is a leader in low-cost, high-efficiency, ultra high temperature thermal conversion in the waste-to-energy market

Using the PHE DMG® System, we can help customers develop projects for the thermal conversion of difficult to manage waste-streams, generating EcoSynthesis Gas- with minimal emissions – and no hulking smokestack. DMG® virtually eliminates all waste, safely converting its molecules into EcoSynthesis Gas from which numerous, and valuable, products, can be derived.

EcoSynthesis Gas can be used in the extraction of hydrogen, chemical precursors, and the generation of fuel-cell derived distributed electricity, cleanly, safely, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Developed with a modular approach, the DMG® System can be sized, and engineered, to fit your particular needs. Helping build your profits, and making a positive difference to our planet.


30th March 2019

6th April 2019