Powerhouse Energy Group PLC (LON:PHE) Chief Executive Officer Keith Allaun caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss the siting of the G3-UHt demonstration unit, the benefits of being at the Thornton Science Park, their involvement with AFC Energy, how the collaboration with Waste2tricity and Peel Environmental helped to bring this deal to fruition and the further developments we should expect from the company

Q1: Firstly, congratulations on the siting of the G3-UHt demonstration unit, could you explain the background to the agreement with the University of Chester?

A1: First off, this has been a team effort over a period of months, really precipitated by Powerhouse’s introduction by Waste2tricity to Peel who, of course, has offices at the Thornton Science Park, next to Protos facility up in Chester. It was clear to us when we went up to take a look at Protos and to look at the possibility of siting a commercial facility up there, that being affiliated with the Thornton Science Park would be an ideal situation for us to use as a demonstration facility for our G3-UHt gasifier. The fact is we’ve created modular distributed gasification, our ability to work with a university like University of Chester in their brand-new energy facility, the energy centres that they’ve literally are just completing construction of at the, what was, the former Shell research facility, for Shell oil, they’re advanced scientific research facility, it was just a match made in heaven.

So, over the past number of months, we’ve been in discussion, have talked through the details, have worked through issues in terms of connectivity between our electrical generation and serving into their micro-grid within the Thornton Science Park and had a chance to get to meet some of the other tenants within the science park. We’re fortunate in that we’re going to be the first company that is sited within the energy centre which is focussed on bringing new innovative alternative emerging energy generation capability to the world. So, the University of Chester, as you know, has been pushing very aggressively over the past number of years to build out its research and scientific education and engineering education components and we’re grateful to be able to take advantage of that and to be working with some bright, young minds, coupled with some incredibly enthusiastic world-class leaders in the energy generation industry.

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