PowerHouse Energy Group, plc began its journey on the AIM Market (AIM:PHE) with a single objective: to identify, engineer, and develop the world’s most efficient, economically viable, and appropriate solution to a growing problem: the need for diversion of waste from landfill and converting that waste into much needed, commercially viable products

With years of research, testing, development, false-starts, blind alley-ways, and ultimately the creation of the G3-UHt Process Demonstrator, PowerHouse had solved a fundamental problem – converting unwanted resources into valuable, and necessary, commodities. With the evolution of the G3 into the DMG® System, PowerHouse is poised to deliver a solution to the burgeoning plastic waste problem wherever that need exists.

Having invested years into leading-edge scientific research and development, having spent millions of dollars in exploring, testing, and optimizing the core technologies, PowerHouse Energy is now on the cusp of delivering its first commercial DMG® System to the world.

PowerHouse has developed what we believe to be the world’s most efficient, most economical, and most environmentally friendly energy recovery solution for plastic waste and end-of-life tyres. With the DMG® modular design philosophy, PowerHouse can handle needs from as small as 5 tonnes per day for specialized feedstocks to handling many multiples of that – and anything in between. From plastics, to biomass, to tyres, the DMG® System is designed and engineered to deliver the highest value to our customers.

The future of DMG® begins today. Contact us for a discussion about how we can engineer economical and bespoke solutions for your particular needs. Our system is designed for robust and challenging environments, allowing you to recover your investment in a DMG® System in as little time as possible.