With its roots in traditional Combined Heating and Power Project Development and Execution, PowerHouse Energy Group plc recognises the value of becoming a leading provider of alternative, renewable, waste-to-energy programs to the world

Having invested years into leading-edge scientific research and development, having spent millions of dollars in testing and optimizing the core gasification technology, PowerHouse Energy is on the cusp of delivering its first commercial facilities to the world.

Based on its G3-UHt reactor technology, PowerHouse has developed the worlds most efficient, most economical, and most environmentally friendly waste-to-energy solution. With its modular design philosophy, PowerHouse can handle needs from under 5 tonnes per day for specialized waste to handling 2000 tonnes per day of MSW – and anything in between.

Our history is expansive – but the future begins today. Contact us for a discussion about how we can best work together to bring an economical solution to the Waste challenges you face. Let us help you turn an unwanted expense into a cash-positive revenue stream.