Responsible, economic, energy recovery

Introducing DMG® Technology, the pioneering process of recovering the cleanest fuel on Earth – hydrogen – from unrecyclable plastic and end-of-life tyres

Welcome to PowerHouse Energy Group plc. We have engineered a solution to responsibly, and economically recover energy from the burgeoning waste management challenges that our partners and society are facing today.

Our DMG® Technology is the pioneering process of recovering energy from unrecyclable plastic, end-of-life tyres and other waste streams through small scale gasification into an energy rich clean syngas (synthetic gas similar to natural gas) from which electrical power and hydrogen can be produced.

The outputs from the DMG® Technology can be built to suit customer needs such as:

  • Energy rich syngas with chemical precursors for industry
  • Electrical Power
  • Heat or Cooling
  • Road fuel quality 99.999% pure hydrogen

Hydrogen production delivers the greatest value for customers, the environment, and society, as well as stakeholders in PowerHouse Energy. The low-cost pure Hydrogen produced from DMG® Technology can displace diesel and other fossil fuels in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles whilst improving air quality on our roads through only water vapour emissions at the vehicle’s tailpipe.

The DMG® modular design and small footprint allows customers to deliver low cost energy where it is needed, whilst processing locally sourced energy rich waste that may otherwise go to landfill.

A typical commercial DMG® facility will destruct ~25 tonnes of feedstock per day (1 to 2 truck-loads) on a half-acre site, exporting enough power for ~3,000 homes and hydrogen for ~6,000 HGV miles every day.

Please contact us to understand how we can help you recover energy and monetise resources before they are wasted.