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Introducing the DMG® System, the pioneering process of recovering the cleanest fuel on Earth – hydrogen – from waste plastic and end-of-life tyres

Welcome to PowerHouse Energy Group plc. We have engineered the industry’s most efficient, economical, environmentally friendly, and modular waste-to-energy system on the market today.

With no dangerous particulate emissions, our ultra-efficient, single-stage, DMG® Thermal Conversion Chamber at the core of our system, can effectively convert virtually any biomass or carbonaceous waste stream, capture 90+% of the energy value from the almost instantaneous thermal conversion of that waste, and reconstitute it into an extremely high-quality, ultra-clean, synthesis gas – EcoSynthesis.

Our unique DMG® process allows us to “tune” the resultant EcoSynthesis gas to produce commercially valuable chemical precursors, generate electricity, or capture a stream of ultra-high quality hydrogen gas which can displace diesel and other fossil fuels.

PowerHouse Energy Group plc’s DMG® System converts a wide spectrum of waste materials into useful products; these include EcoSynthesis – an alternative to natural gas, which can be used to produce liquid chemical precursors, generate heat, extract hydrogen, or generate electricity. With its modular design and small footprint, PowerHouse has the ability to scale its DMG® Systems – providing our customers and partners the flexibility to address individual needs.

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PowerHouse Energy Group (PHE), leader in low-cost, high-efficiency, ultra high temperature gasification in the Waste-to-Energy market tells Proactive Investors London how business is shaping up.

Tech Director Dave Ryan discusses converting waste plastic into energy and their newly acquired Statement of Feasibility from world renowned DNV-GL.

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