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Introducing the PHE G3-UHt System,
transforming rubbish into energy with no toxic by-products

Welcome to PowerHouse Energy Group plc. We create the industry’s most efficient, most economical, most environmentally friendly waste-to-energy systems in the market today.

With zero emissions, the ultra-efficient, single-step, G3-UHt (Ultra-high temperature) gasification reactor at the core of our systems, can convert virtually any waste stream, capture 90+% of the energy value from the instantaneous thermal degradation of that waste, reconstitute it into, and capture it as, a high-quality Synthesis Gas (SynGas), and then generate electricity on-site, to be used in-situ or fed back to the local grid. Alternatively we can modify the SynGas into a pure stream of Hydrogen to power highly efficient Fuel Cells or convert the SynGas into a myriad of extremely valuable liquid fuels, lubricants, or industrial chemicals.

PowerHouse Energy Group plc’s zero-emission system converts a wide spectrum of waste materials into useful energy products; these include syngas, hydrogen, electricity, and liquid fuels. With its modular design, PowerHouse has the ability to scale its systems and energy solutions – providing our customers and partners the flexibility to address individual needs.

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Powerhouse Energy’s connection to the microgrid an historic feat says CEO Allaun

Keith Allaun says joining to the grid has proved Powerhouse’s technology can turn waste into a green electricity source. It’s like the first spike in the creation of the US intercontinental railway, Powerhouse’s (LON:PHE) CEO tells Proactive.

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